RoboGuru - FAQs

What is the cost of License?

INR 999/- or USD 15 for the lifetime license. Free Online resources for Coding Tool A special reduced costing for the Students during this lockdown period.

What is the Lifetime of the License?

Lifetime Validity.

Do we require to pay for license every year?

The license you get, after initial payment, do not require any other payments for it to work with all the features once installed. If there are paid updates released in future, you always have an option of paying and upgrading or continue with the same and still explore unlimited possibilities.

How RoboGuru is helpful in teaching programming or coding to the Students when compared to traditional C language or other tools?

Primarily its Fun.!! RoboGuru is a 3D Video game like simulation cum programming tool. The tool is provided with multiple levels of games and puzzles which must be solved through a goal-oriented approach. The programming mode is English language based and not syntax based. The tool is click and select model to build the code, instead of text driven. The tool is also integrated with physics enabled engine to enable/modify the physical parameters of the robots/objects to see the impact, there by drawing an understanding of realistic and virtual world.

RoboGuru is for which age group?

The RoboGuru will serve as a programming tool for students of ages 10+ years. The various graded puzzles in the software tool give lots to learn for the students upto 18 years. However, the puzzles can pose good challenge to programmers of any age.

What is it after I Complete 10 levels of RG?

Once you finish with first 10 levels in RG, you will be provided with another 5 advanced levels. Once these 5 levels are completed, Students can own a RG International Certification, sent through Mail, accredited by ROBOX Learning Singapore. Once you complete the 5 levels, the tool provides Custom Area, where you can create your own levels with defined complexity and solve the puzzles. This opens unlimited opportunities to the Students.

What is RGCC 2020?

RGCC is annual coding challenge for all the students who enrolled on RoboGuru and learnt programming/coding. It’s an online competition, followed by a Quiz and presentation. The Competition is a great opportunity for the students to showcase their skills and design a serious career in coding in the future.

Is it compatible to be used on Windows/iMac?

RG license is only compatible on Windows at this point of time.

Is it mobile friendly?

RG license works on the computer system fitted with graphics card.